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Welcome! You are about to begin the first step towards becoming a student at A+ World Academy. If you have any questions, we are here to help you every step of the way. If you can’t find the information you need on our website, please feel free to contact us via email, whatsApp, IMessage, phone, Facebook or Instagram.

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Date: May 31, 2020

Terms & Conditions

The School (A+ World Academy) is a limited company, registered in Switzerland, limited by guarantee, and governed by the Board of Directors. The School is 100 % owned by the Norwegian non-profit Sørlandet Foundation.

The aims of the School are academic excellence, global insight and personal development. These aims are described in detail on our website. The School also aims to strike a balance between academic coursework and fieldwork, physical education, the development of ethical and leadership qualities, and the pursuit of distinctive leisure activities. We are committed to high standards of teaching and care, and promote communication with the parents. The School is an environment in which students are encouraged to participate in work and leisure activities with enthusiasm and commitment and to behave with tolerance, understanding, and respect for the needs of others.

Standard Terms and Conditions: the School is a private self-regulating community which respects the human rights of students and their parents, who in turn accept that the School’s lawful policies, disciplines and rules must sometimes take precedence over the wishes of individuals. These Terms and Conditions are provided in good faith to ensure a shared understanding of the rules that govern the management of the School. They prioritize the safety and security of the students, parents and employees, and ensure the stability of the School, its capacity for forward-planning, and its proper resourcing and development. The clauses relating to fees and financial obligations are intended to protect those parents who pay fees on time and to safeguard the School against the consequences of the defaults of others. The Fees List and the School policies, as varied from time to time, form part of these Terms and Conditions.

Nothing in these standard Terms and Conditions affects the statutory rights of parents or students.

The School Management includes Head of School, Dean of students and Director of Admissions.
The Ship includes the tall ship Sørlandet, the Captain, crew and the Sørlandet Foundation.
The Captain is the person appointed by the Sørlandet Foundation’s CEO to be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Ship and the crew.
The parents are those persons who have individual and/or joint legal responsibility for the student.
The student is the person enrolled in the School.
The family: the parents and the student are jointly referred to as “the family”.

The following policies and documents, which may be updated from time to time, are available on the School website. They form part of the standard Terms and Conditions.

• Admissions Policy
• Curriculum
• Health and Safety Policy
• Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy
• Anti-bullying Policy
• Communications Policy
• Equal Opportunities Policy

4.1 The family
Parents are expected to give their support and encouragement to the aims of the School, to uphold and promote its good name, and to support the School in ensuring that their son or daughter maintains appropriate standards of punctuality, behaviour, diligence, language, discipline and dress.

Parents’ Authority: The parents and students authorize the Head of School and the Ship’s Captain while in loco parentis or acting on behalf of a student who has reached the age of 15, to take and/or authorize all decisions necessary to safeguard and promote the student’s welfare. Unless the School is notified to the contrary, parents give consent for the student to participate, under proper supervision, in sports, excursions and on board activities which may entail some risk of physical injury.

Conduct and attendance: we attach importance to safety, courtesy, respect, integrity, good manners and good discipline. The family agree that the student will take a full part in the activities of the School, attend to daily duties, be punctual, work hard, be well behaved, and comply with the School’s Discipline and Sanctions Policy. Students will receive age-appropriate health and life skills education in accordance with the School programme. It is a condition for remaining at the School that parents and the student (including a student aged 15+) accept the School regime and policies.

The student is expected to uphold and promote the good name of the School both aboard the Ship and ashore. Each student is expected to take a full and active part in the daily regime of the School and Ship.

Student health: the family will be asked to complete the School’s Medical Form concerning the student’s health (available on the website). They must inform the Head of School in writing if the student develops any known medical condition, health problem, allergy, physical disability, or has been in contact with infectious diseases. We require all students to submit their blood type in case of emergency.

Medical matters: each family is responsible for consulting their own medical care authority and obtaining inoculations, vaccinations, medications etc. required for the proposed itinerary as seen on the School’s website.

Insurance: obtaining suitable personal insurance for the student is the responsibility of the family, including insurance of the student’s health and personal property whilst at School or during field studies or on the way to or from School or on any School sponsored activity away from the School. The School offers the minimum required insurance. This insurance is mandatory and is invoiced as an extra. Details of the cost can be seen on the Fees List: standard insurance.

Note: if a student has to withdraw from the programme for any reason beyond the reasonable control of the student (i.e. chronic illness, injury, etc.), any claims, including tuition fees, travel and medical expenses shall be the responsibility of the family. Such potential loss is not included in the School’s standard insurance policy and can be privately insured.

Passports and visas: each family is responsible for obtaining a valid passport and visas for the student’s proposed itinerary. Any costs/expenses incurred as a result of the student’s failure to obtain appropriate documentation will be invoiced by the School.

4.2 The School
Conduct of the School: the Head of School is responsible for the care and good discipline of students while they are in the charge of the School or its staff and for the day-to-day running of the School and the curriculum. The Head of School is also responsible for the imposition of any sanction, suspension during investigation or following a breach of School discipline, and removal or exclusion.

Captain’s authority: students are subject to the direction of the Captain, or those to whom the Captain has delegated responsibility, as well as to members of the A+ World Academy staff.

The Head of School is the person appointed by the Board of Directors to be responsible for the day-to-day management of the School and the students, and also includes those to whom any of the duties of the School have been delegated. Whenever the School is in session, at least one member of the leadership team will be aboard the Ship with direct responsibility for the smooth running of the School.

The School will take all reasonable steps to prevent students from leaving school premises without specific permission.

Child protection: our School and all its personnel are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students. All staff and crew are subject to a variety of rigorous suitability checks, including police checks from the last two countries of residence. Further information on measures
ensuring student safety is available in the safeguarding policy.

Medical treatment may be administered aboard the Sørlandet, and the relationship between the patient and the Ship’s medical officer shall in such cases be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Ship’s flag state. If parents cannot be contacted in time, the Head of School may also consent on their behalf to the student receiving emergency medical treatment as deemed necessary for the student’s welfare by an appropriately qualified person.

5.1 Fees and Revision
Fees can be found in the Fees List on the School website.

Fee levels will be reviewed each year, which might result in fee increases as deemed necessary by the School’s Board. Parents will be given reasonable notice of any significant increases.

5.2 Items Covered
Fees cover:

➢ Berth and board, textbooks, reference materials, instruction, field study activities, training for and travel aboard the School’s Ship.

5.3 Extras
Other items of expenditure incurred by the School or the student will be charged as extras. For the avoidance of doubt, special needs support is not included within the fees and will be invoiced as an extra.

The following extras are mandatory:

¬ The student is responsible for acquiring a clothing and supply inventory, including formal/official uniform, working clothes and the A+ World Academy travel bag. Supply items may be ordered from the School’s website store.
¬ The student or the undersigned parent(s) is responsible for reimbursing the School for any costs associated with medical treatment advanced on the student’s behalf while he or she is attending the programme.
¬ Prior to joining the School’s programme, the student must minimum obtain the School’s standard insurance policy.
¬ The student is responsible for obtaining a valid passport and visas for the proposed itinerary outlined on the School’s website.
¬ Appropriate safety shoes.
¬ Vaccines.

NOTE: students will be held financially responsible for any cost/penalties incurred as a result of their failure to obtain compulsory vaccines, valid passport and visas.

Other extras may also include, but are not limited to:

➢ Sundry expenses such as snacks, laundry, souvenirs, toiletries and personal excursions.
➢ Meals ashore during shore leave.
➢ Exam fees.
➢ Sports equipment.
➢ Private tutoring.
➢ Each student is responsible for arranging and paying all costs related to reporting to or departing from the Ship’s location.

The student is, for these purposes, the agent of the parents. Loss of school books or equipment, or damage caused by a student, other than fair wear and tear, will be invoiced separately and must be paid as an extra.

5.4 Payment
Payment of fees and extras: a specified payment plan can be found in the Fees List. Invoices for extras will be due for payment 14 calendar days after the invoice date.

A student may be excluded from the School at any time if fees are unpaid and after the School has given a five working days’ written notice of its intention to do so. In such circumstances a term’s fees will be payable in lieu of notice.

Fees will not be refunded or waived because of absence caused by sickness, if a term is shortened or a vacation extended, if a student is released home after public examinations or for other reasons before the normal end of term, or for any other reason except at the sole discretion of the Head of School.

Payment should be made by direct debit via wire transfer. In cases where the School covers costs that are not included in the fees on behalf of a student, the cost may be charged as an extra with an added 15% surcharge.

The School is the agent only in respect of any goods and services which are supplied by a third party via the School to students or their parents.

Responsibility for payment: fees are the joint responsibility of each person who has signed the
Acceptance Form, or has legal responsibility for the student or has paid any fees or given instructions in relation to the student. The School may withhold any information or property while fees are unpaid. Where two or more persons have signed the acceptance form, one (or more) of them may request a withdrawal from the contract with the School by submitting a term’s notice providing they have obtained the prior written consent of both the School and the remaining parties to the contract.

Payment of fees by a third party: an agreement with a third party to pay the fees or any other sum due to the School does not release parents from any liability under these Terms and Conditions unless an express release has been given in writing signed by the School. The School reserves the right to refuse a payment from a third party. All such payments received are accepted in good faith.

Late Payment: unless alternative provisions for the payment of interest are contained in a separate consumer credit agreement made between the School and the parents, the right is reserved to make late payment charges composed of simple interest calculated on a daily basis equivalent to 5 % on the unpaid balance from the due date for payment until receipt of the full amount outstanding. Parents shall indemnify the School against all costs and expenses (including any legal costs and expenses on a full indemnity basis) incurred or sustained by the School in recovering sums due in each case without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to the School. Such charges will be recoverable by action if necessary. Any amount tendered that is less than the sum due and owing, may in any event be accepted by the
School on account only. The School reserves the right to a minimum of €10 administration fee towards the cost of dealing with the collection of the amount outstanding.

Medical costs: each student/parent/legal guardian is responsible for reimbursing the School for any costs associated with medical treatment advanced on the student’s behalf during the course of the programme.

Awards: the award of a Scholarship or Bursary is subject to high standards of behaviour, attendance, and work. The terms of the award, and especially the terms upon which benefits may become repayable, are set out in the offer letter (where applicable) to parents.

Refunds: if the School, at its sole discretion, decides to terminate the programme, the School shall refund the undersigned in accordance with the following formula: number of days remaining in programme after termination, divided by number of total days in programme, multiplied by the fees. Extras are not refundable.

Instalment arrangements: an agreement by the School to accept payment of current and/or past and/or future fees by instalments is concessionary and at its absolute discretion, and will be subject to separate agreements between parents and the School. Where there are inconsistencies between these Terms and Conditions and those of any instalment agreement or invoice issued by the School to the parents (as applicable), the terms and conditions of the instalment agreement or the invoice shall prevail.

Credit checks: the School reserves the right to carry out credit checks on the person(s) responsible for the payment of fees. In addition, the School reserves the right to make enquiries (where applicable) to satisfy itself that no fees remain outstanding at the student’s previous school.

Registration: the student will be considered as candidate for admission and entry to the School when the Application Form has been submitted and the non-refundable application fee has been paid. Admission and entry are subject to the availability of a place, and the student satisfying the admission requirements at the time. The School operates an equal opportunities policy.

Equal treatment: the School shall not unlawfully discriminate against anyone, whether student, parent, staff or visitor, on the grounds of gender, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Offer of a place and deposits: if, in due course, a place is offered by way of a formal letter from the School, the deposit will be payable when the parents accept the offer. Details of deposits are set out in the Fees List. The deposit will be applied as a credit, without interest, to the final payment of fees or other sums due to the School. Such deposits are non-refundable.

Travel arrangements: the right is reserved to charge all administration and other expenses, including i.a. staff supervision, where the School has to make travel or other arrangements for the student before, during or at the end of a term.

Activities: students may only take part in those activities specifically approved by the School. Should the activity not be approved or should the student act without the knowledge or authorization of the School, the School assumes no responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, or injury arising for unapproved activity.
Leaving School premises: a student is required to obtain specific permission from the Head of School or the Ship’s Officer on Duty before leaving the School while in port.

Students’ personal property: students are responsible for the security and safe use of all personal
property, and are responsible for ensuring that all such property is clearly marked with the owner’s name.

Due to the nature and location of the School onboard the Sørlandet, or in port in
different countries, the Captain or the School Management may at any time request any student to take a test for the use of illegal drugs, alcohol or other substances damaging to health and/or which entail a safety risk for the student or other students. Tests can be administered randomly or nonrandomly.

Any refusal to take such a test will be used as confirmation of use by School management and will be taken into account by the Head of School or Board of Directors when deciding if and what sanctions are relevant.

Progress reports and report cards: the School monitors each student’s progress and the parents
receive written reports and are invited to discuss their child’s progress with the staff.

References: the School will enter a student for an examination if the Head of School is satisfied that this is in the best interests of the student. Information supplied to parents and others concerning the progress and character of a student and about examination, further education and career prospects will be given conscientiously and with all due care and skill but otherwise without liability on the part of the School.

Intellectual property: the School reserves all rights and interests in any intellectual property rights arising as a result of the actions of a student in conjunction with any member of staff of the School and/or other students at the School for a purpose associated with the School. Any use of any such intellectual property rights by a student is subject to the terms of a licence to be agreed prior to the use between the student, the student’s parents and the School. The School will allow the student’s role in the creation/development of intellectual property rights to be acknowledged.

9. Discipline and Sanctions
9.1 General
Sanctions: a student may be sanctioned at any time if the Board of Directors, Head of School, Faculty or Captain is reasonably satisfied that a student’s conduct (whether on or off school premises) has been prejudicial to good order, school discipline, or to the reputation of the School.

Non-disclosure: any non-disclosure regarding the student’s academic, social, emotional, medical, behavioural or psychological well-being could result in the Head of School exercising his/her right to require a student to leave the School. There will be no refund of fees, extras or any relating costs following exclusion. Parents agree to facilitate the immediate return of the student to their place of residence in case of expulsion.

9.2 Sanctions
9.2.1 There is zero tolerance for the following acts, which will lead to expulsion:
➢ The direct or indirect involvement in the use, sale, distribution or consumption of illegal stimulants or drugs, or non-authorized use of prescription drugs
➢ The possession of lethal weapons, explosives (including fireworks) or any other hazardous
materials that have or could have endangered the safety of individuals or the Ship
➢ Committing or being charged with a criminal offence that will be brought to court

9.2.2 The following acts can lead to “out of School” suspension or, in severe or repeated cases, expulsion:
➢ The direct or indirect involvement in the use, sale, purchase, distribution or consumption of alcohol
➢ Any wilful act that results in the defacement, damage, destruction or theft of property or
endangerment of people, the programme or the Ship
➢ Sexual harassment
➢ Repeated violations and/or extreme variations of other acts prejudicial to the smooth running of the School and the Ship
➢ Failure to circulate in groups of four or more in port, or breaking curfew

9.2.3 The following acts will lead to the use of other sanctions (in-School suspension, loss of leisure time, removal of shore leave or other privileges):
➢ A student’s repeated refusal to make best efforts to succeed in class, on deck and during field
studies programmes
➢ Repeated and flagrant disregard for warnings, including those in writing, about violations of level one infractions
➢ Intolerance due to gender, race, religion or sexuality
➢ Bullying or physical violence
➢ Administrative offences in any country visited such as littering, jay walking etc.
➢ Committing a socially or culturally inappropriate or distasteful act, such as using offensive language, refusing to wear clothing appropriate to the dominant culture
➢ Breaking shipboard rules that ensure the safety and the preservation of the Ship, such as
failure to sea stow belongings and tardiness to watch duties or colours
➢ Smoking or snusing without parental permission
➢ Failure to wear the appropriate safety gear and footwear as directed by any member of staff or crew
➢ Failure to adhere to gender restrictions governing access to accommodation
➢ Failure to adhere to all operating shipboard rules, including all Ship’s duties and uniform rules
➢ Any wilful act that results in the defacement, damage, destruction or theft of property or
endangerment of people, programme or Ship
➢ Any other act deemed by the Head of School or the Ship’s Captain to be detrimental to the smooth running of the School and the Ship
➢ Engagement in non-sanctioned activities including but not limited to the use of motorized vehicles, hang gliding, hot air ballooning, scuba diving and similar.

9.3 Proceedings and appeals
Minor violations: the Faculty (in School matters), or the Captain (in ship related cases) are given the authority to make decisions in cases of minor violations as described in section 9.2.3 above.

Out of School suspension: the Head of School has the authority to make decisions in cases which can lead to “out of School” suspension for up to three weeks, cf. section 9.2.2 above.

Expulsion: the Head of School and the Chairman of the Board of Directors have together the authority to make decisions in cases which can lead to “out of School” suspension for more than three weeks or exclusion, cf. section 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 above.

Removal at the request of the School: parents may be required, during or at the end of a term, to
remove the student temporarily or permanently from the School if, after consultation with a parent, the Head of School is of the opinion that the student is unable to profit from the educational opportunities offered. The School shall not refund any of the fees, and the undersigned shall be liable for the cost of the return of the student to his/her home as well as outstanding extras which will be payable in full.
Discretion: the decision to sanction a student (i.a. exclude, suspend or remove privileges), and the manner and form of any sanction, shall be in the sole discretion of the competent authority as described above. When applying the sanctions regime, the decision shall be fair and proportionate. The competent authorities as described above have the right to make exemptions from the prescribed sanctions based on a total evaluation of the concrete case.

Appeals: should the parent or student wish to appeal the School’s decision to remove a student from its programme, the family may appeal to the Appeals Committee. The Appeals Committee shall consist of the Chairman of the Board of A+ World Academy, the Head of School of A+ World Academy and a parent representative designated by the appellant. The Committee shall only review the following:

i. Whether the cause of removal was factual and determined to be true.
ii. Whether the appellant or its representative has signed and accepted the present agreement.
iii. Whether there are any mitigating circumstances or consequences that were or are unknown to the School and/or to the appellant.
The ruling of the Committee shall, by majority vote and in all cases, be final.

Note: regional or national statutes, acts, regulations or laws shall not be relied upon for any appeal. The School’s rules reflect its unique platform and geography by giving the stability and safety of all members of the School community precedence over individual rights.

Access: a student who has been withdrawn, excluded, suspended or removed from the School has no right to enter School premises without a prior written arrangement with the Head of School.

Withdrawing students before starting: a term’s fees (less deposit/s held) will be immediately payable by the parents if, for any reason, they cancel their acceptance of a place after June 1 of the year of entry or the student does not join the School after a place has been accepted. Parents who withdraw before June 1st will not have to pay fees in lieu, but the deposit will be retained by the School. Cases of serious illness or genuine hardship may receive special consideration on written request.

Withdrawal from the School: unless a term’s notice is given before a student is withdrawn from the School, a term’s fees in lieu will be immediately due and payable as a debt at the rate applicable on the date of invoice without reduction for financial assistance of any kind. The student’s decision to withdraw from the School shall, for these purposes, be treated as a withdrawal by the parents.

Notice by the school: the School may terminate this agreement by giving one term’s written notice sent by ordinary post and otherwise under sections 4 or 6. The School is not liable for any financial loss in such cases.

The School holds information about the parents and the student, including exam results, parent and guardian contact details and financial information and details of medical conditions. This information is kept electronically on the School’s information management system or manually in indexed filing systems.

These notes refer to the ‘processing’ of information. ‘Processing’ is a catch-all term and means obtaining or recording information or carrying out any operation on the information such as storing or using the information or passing it on to third parties.

The School processes information about the parents and the student in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child, promote the objects and interests of the School, facilitate the efficient operation of the School and ensure that the relevant legal obligations of the School are met.
The School may process different types of information about the student for the purposes set out above. That information may include:

• Medical records and information, including details of any illnesses, allergies or other medical
conditions suffered by your child.
• Personal details such as home address, date of birth and next of kin.
• Information concerning your child’s performance at School, including discipline record, School reports and examination reports.
• Financial information including information about the payment of fees at this School or any
other school.

Information may be shared with certain third parties where, in the professional opinion of the Head of School, this is deemed necessary.

If the School enters into a separate arrangement for the payment of fees, we may, in order to verify your identity and so that we can access your application for credit, search files of any licensed credit reference agency who will keep a record of that search and details about your application. This record will be seen by other organizations which make searches about you. Failure to supply information may result in refusal of credit.

Liability and insurance: the School does not, unless acting intentionally or with gross negligence, accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss or damage of property. The School undertakes to maintain those insurances that are prescribed by law.

Release of claims: in addition to the usual dangers and risks inherent in travel to multiple destinations aboard a ship, there are further specific dangers and risks involved in travelling aboard an ocean-going sailing vessel. The Sørlandet Foundation shall not be held responsible for any personal injury, death, property damage or loss(es) resulting therefrom, unless as a result of gross negligence or intent on the part of The Sørlandet Foundation.

In this agreement “force majeure” shall mean any cause beyond a party’s control, including for the avoidance of doubt strikes, other industrial disputes, war, riot, civil commotion, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction (including that of a local authority), accident, fire, flood, storm, pandemic or epidemic of any disease, terrorist attack, chemical or biological contamination.

In the event of a force majeure which prevents or delays the School’s fulfilment of any of its obligations under this agreement, the School shall forthwith give parents notice in writing specifying the nature and extent of the circumstances giving rise to the force majeure. Provided that the School has acted reasonably and prudently to prevent and minimize the effect of the force majeure, the School will have no liability in respect of those obligations it is unable to fulfil for the duration of the force majeure. The School will not be responsible for making any refund of fees for education interrupted by such causes. The School shall make every effort to provide educational services for the duration of the
force majeure.

If the School is prevented from fulfilling its obligations for a continuous period greater than four months, the School shall notify parents of the steps it shall take to ensure compliance with this agreement.

In the event of a force majeure which affects parents’ ability to fulfil any of their obligations under this agreement, parents shall give the School notice in writing of the force majeure. Parents shall not be liable for the non-fulfilment of such obligations for the duration of the force majeure, but in the event of the force majeure continuing for more than four months, parents shall discuss with the School a solution by which the terms of this agreement may be fulfilled.

Special Precautions: the Head of School needs to be aware of any matters relevant to the
student’s security and safety. The Head of School must therefore be notified in writing immediately of any court orders or situations of risk in relation to a student for whom any special safety precautions may be needed.

Changes at the School: the School will make every effort to ensure that the programme proceeds in accordance with the description published on its website and in the prospectus. A successful school must initiate and respond to change. The offer of a place and its acceptance are given on the basis that, in the interests of the School as a whole, reasonable changes may be made from time to time to these standard Terms and Conditions, to the size and location of the School, to its premises and facilities, to the arrangements for meals, to the academic and field studies curriculum, the structure and composition of classes, the way the School is run, to the rules and disciplinary framework, to the itinerary, to the length of the school terms and the school day and to any other aspect of the School. The School will in such cases not be liable for loss, expense or damage arising from such changes. The school will, whenever possible, give reasonable notice of any changes planned.

Concerns and complaints: parents who have cause for serious concern as to a matter of safety, care or quality of education must inform the Head of School without undue delay. In the case where a parent does not feel that the Head of School is responding adequately to a complaint, an appeal may be made to the Board of Directors.

Confidentiality: the parents and students consent to the School (through the Head of School as the person responsible) obtaining, holding, using and communicating, on a “need-to-know” basis, confidential information which, in the opinion of the Head of School, is material to the safety and welfare of the student and others, including a student aged 15 and over. The parents also consent to the School communicating with any other school which the student attends or which a parent proposes the student should attend about any matter concerning the student or about payment of fees.

Prospectus: the prospectus describes the broad principles on which the School is presently run and gives an indication of our history and ethos. Although believed to be correct at the time of printing, the prospectus is not part of any agreement between the parents and the School. Parents wishing to rely on a specific matter contained in the prospectus should seek written confirmation of that matter as part of these Terms and Conditions before entering into this agreement.

School Publications: from time to time the School will issue press releases, and publications
including newsletters, marketing material, social media, and websites will be produced. Such publications may include images of students. Consent for a student’s image and name to be used by the School will be deemed to have been given unless parents write to the Head of School stating that they do not wish the image of their child to appear in any school publication.

Consumer Protection: care has been taken to use plain language in these Terms and Conditions and to explain the reasons for any of the terms that may appear one-sided.

Interpretation: these Terms and Conditions supersede those in the prospectus and elsewhere and are to be construed as a whole. Unless required to make sense of the immediate context, headings are for ease of reading only and not otherwise part of the Terms and Conditions.

Alumni membership: the School attaches great importance to a strong Alumni network and a close relationship with student and parent Alumni. A student will automatically be signed up for one year’s free membership of “The Tall Ship Sørlandet’s Friendship Association” after a successful school year.

This contract was made by the School and is governed exclusively by Swiss Law. Any dispute or claim arising from this agreement and disclaimer shall be heard exclusively by the court in the city of Berne, Switzerland. For criminal offences committed aboard the Ship, the case shall be heard in the courts of the flag country.

Date: May 31, 2020